We are proud to have such a diverse body of alumni, many of them now serve in distinguished institutes that precede the program. With our alumni across nations, you can connect to a global network of graduates wherever you may be. Our alumni portal aims to provide you with the networking resources to help you to develop your career and maintain your relationship with the program and your cohorts. We do hope what the IDAS/IMAS program provide is a deep affinity to the experiences when you were here in Taiwan. We look forward to getting to know you further. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your alma matter!

After graduation, our students go on to join prestigious institutions and companies where they perform outstandingly well. These are our alumi.

List of Alumni

Chinese Name English Name Graduation Year Nationality Current Job Web
黎依芯 Le Thu Huong 2013 Vietnam Senior Analyst, Australian Strategic Policy Institute Web
戈荷西 Jose Esteban Guerra Vio 2013 Chile Professional Journalist and Writer  
李泳雯 Sabrina Habich 2013 Germany Assistant Professor, Institute of China Studies, FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN, Germany Web
吳華安 Juan Uriburu Quintana 2014 Argentina Director of International Judicial Affairs at the Legal and Administrative Secretariat, Argentine Ministry of Economy (Ministerio de Hacienda). Web
陳宗巖 Tsung-Yen Chen 2014 Taiwan Assisant Professor, Institute of Political Science, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan  
寇菲力 Philipp Klotz 2014 Italy Finance Company, Singapore  
那培農 Non Naprathansuk 2014 Thailand Full-time lecturer, Public Administration Program, School of Administrative studies, & Deputy Director of Special Affairs, Maejo University, Thailand  
姚仕帆 Serafettin Yilmaz 2014 Turkey Senior Analyst, Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, Shandong University, China  
李佳容 Lee Chia Jung 2015 Taiwan Director, Flipped Education and Action Learning Association (FEALA), Taiwan  
宜真 Dita Siti Nurhayati Anastasia Diliani 2015 Indonesia Organizational Analyst for Secretariat of Aceh Tamiang County Office, Indonesia  
孫紹正 Michael Sun 2016 Taiwan Analyst, Citadel  
談仲光 Janet Tan 2016 Taiwan Lecturer, School of Global Innovation and Leadership, College of Business, San Jose State University  
孫正宇 Chung Woo Son 2016 Korea N/A  
葛瑞格 Coutaz Gregory 2016 Switzerland N/A  
康迪恩 Karalekas Constantine 2016 Canada Chief Science & Technology Editor, Top Team International Patent and Trademark Office, Taipei, Taiwan  
史密特 Fernando Mariano Schmidt Hernandez 2016 Chile Researcher, Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile Web
阿瑪托 Silvia Amato 2018 Itlay N/A  
卡夏 Cachia Philippe 2018 France N/A  
錫東岳 Jonathan Jacob Spangler 2018 USA Director of the South China Sea Think Tank / Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association  
馮慕文 Fabricio Antonio Fonseca Fernandez 2018 Mexico N/A  
歐莉亞 Olga Daksueva 2018 Russia N/A  
李書淳 Suchittra Ritsakulchai 2018 Thailand N/A  
布羅托 Broto Wardoyo 2018 Indonesia Lecturer, Department of International Relations, Universitas Indonesia Web
穆罕默 德阿里 Moh'd Ali Khawaldeh 2018 Jordan General of Jordan Web