Graduation Ceremony: IDAS Student Interview

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]n June 15th, the College of Social Science Newsletter sat down with Jonathan Spangler (United States), who recently graduated with an academic achievement award from the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS). During the interview with the CSS Newsletter, he mused about his time in the program, gave some practical advice on how to […]

Graduation Ceremony: IMES Student Interview

[alaya_dropcap]T[/alaya_dropcap]he College of Social Sciences was quite excited to interview Sergio Langarica (Mexico) and Mariia Morozova (Russia) from the IMES program, where they both recently graduated from in June. Mariia and Sergio’s opinions strike differences in their plans, however, their training in the IMES program has put them in the path to great personal and […]

NCCU College of Social Sciences Graduation Day

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]ne couldn’t ask for better weather for a graduation ceremony for National Chengchi University’s College of Social Sciences. With a warm sun, puffy white clouds, and a gentle breeze, the graduation ceremony and weather strongly favored CSS’s latest graduating class. The ceremony was held on the 3rd floor of NCCU’s General Building of Colleges with […]

Graduation Ceremony: IMAS Student Interview

[alaya_dropcap]A[/alaya_dropcap]fter all the excitement of graduation day finally subsided, the College of Social Science was happy to interview two students from the International Master’s in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) program about their thoughts and time here at NCCU. Tomas Königs (The Netherlands) and Tyler Prochazka (United States) were kind enough to take time out of their […]

Security Dilemma or Normative Dilemma?

Conflicts among the Countries Involved with the North Korean Nuclear Crisis [alaya_dropcap]W[/alaya_dropcap]ith North Korea, South Korea, and the Trump administration making headlines recently about North Korea’s conciliatory efforts to establish better relations between itself and the rest of the world, it was with great honor that NCCU was able to have Dr. Ray Dongryul Kim […]

Catalonia Independence Referendum

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]n Monday, June 4th National Chengchi University hosted Taiwan Fellowship visiting scholar Prof. María del Mar Llera Llorente to give a conference on her work regarding the recent Catalonia Independence Referendum. Prof. Llera Llorente is a Spanish academic who is currently an associate professor at University of Seville, Spain. On October 1st, 2017 Catalonia, Spain […]

College of Social Sciences’ David Holm talks social responsibility and helping migrant schoolchildren learn Mandarin

[alaya_dropcap]T[/alaya_dropcap]he College of Social Sciences hosted its first workshop on university social responsibility. The theme was to provide an action plan for local students from Vietnam who are at risk of falling through the social cracks in a Mandarin-speaking society. The day-long program was the result of the CSS and departmental coordination. That morning the […]

College of Social Science’s Happy Hour – 1st of June

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]nce again, the faculty of the College of Social Sciences had the honor to welcome professors from different departments to its regular Happy Hour event inside the faculty lounge. Professor Wang Shinn-Shyr (王信實), Director of the IMES Program opened the evening and welcomed the first speaker, Professor Kao Ya-Ning (高雅寧). Professor Kao is an assistant […]

Human Security and Governance in Myanmar— Brendan Howe

[alaya_dropcap]P[/alaya_dropcap]rofessor Brendan Howe from EWHA Women’s University, Seoul was at the Institute of International Relations (IIR), NCCU recently to speak about the Human Security and Governance in Myanmar. His paper was being commented by Associate Professor Herman J. Kraft, Associate Professor, University of Philippines and Associate Professor Christian Schafferer from Overseas Chinese University. The session […]