The Cross Strait Relations between Mainland China and Taiwan

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Cross-Strait Relations between Mainland China and Taiwan: Theories and Practice

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Relations between the mainland China and Taiwan have been marked by a seemingly endless confrontation and competition in the past. However, recent years witnessed a drastic change involving more cooperative measures taken by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.
The aims of this course are two-folded: first, to revisit the major concepts in IR theories and its contenting approaches as how to provide a framework for analysis on issues relating to cross-Strait. In so doing, it is to bridge the gap between theory (Realism, Institutionalism and Constructivism) and practice (policy, process and people) in the field of cross-Strait studies. Secondly, by considering the evolving nature of the cross-Strait relations, the course also explores prominent issues confronting the mainland China and Taiwan, including identity, trade, international status, military contingencies and U.S.-China-Taiwan relations.