Taiwanese History

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Course Objectives

The main purpose of the course to to provide all the participants of the course with proper understanding of Taiwanese history of the last two centuries. We will concentrate on the major events as stated below.

Course Contents

The class contains the following topics in each meeting one or two topics will be discussed:

  1. The first description of Taiwan in the western literature
  2. Taiwan under the Dutch
  3. The Spanish colonization in North Taiwan
  4. Japanese and Chinese pirates and Taiwan
  5. The establishment of a Chinese government on Taiwan
  6. Taiwan under the Kang-xi Emperor
  7. Taiwan as a new settlement
  8. The social structure of Taiwan in the 18th and 19th centuries
  9. Taiwan as a Base for the western merchants
  10. The Botan-Incident the first Japanese attempt
  11. The Sino-Japanese War and the cession of Taiwan
  12. The development of Taiwan under the Japanese rule
  13. The Home-rule Movement in Taiwan
  14. Taiwan as a base for the “Nan-shin(southward Expansion” Policy
  15. Taiwan at the end of the World War II
  16. The “2.28” Incident
  17. The search for a new identity