Seminar on Asia-Pacific Political Economy

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Course Objectives

This course examines the historical major economic, political, and social changes in the world economy. These include factors contributing to increases in economics performance, changes in the form of government, technological change (including industrialization), and episodes of integration and disintegration of the global economy.
Can there be development outside of a state structure?
What is the role of economic organizations of society in development?
These are some of the questions that we examine in these and in so doing we will survey some of the major theoretical approaches to understanding the politics of economic development.

Course Contents

Emphasis is on institutional changes in how societies organize economic and political activities as well as on variation in development among geographic regions. Using this background, the course takes up some key issue facing nation-states including foreign trade and investment, debt, aid, and agents of change. Political economy is a core course for any political science degree at any level. The knowledge and the ability to methodically and empirically analyze how politics and economics interact is a fundamental in the scientific and empirical study of politics and international relations.