Research Methods

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Course Objectives

This course provides an overview of research methods in social science, and is specifically designed for Ph.D. students. The aim of this course is to ensure a solid foundation on which research and subsequent research tool courses can build.

Course Contents

This course provides a preliminary overview and coverage of (1) the research process, (2) basic elements that make up a research project (variables, hypotheses, etc.); (3) a survey of a range of qualitative and quantitative social science research methods, (4) applications and examples of these methods related to specific disciplines and area studies, (5) the process of dissertation research and working with dissertation committees, (6) practice in formulating a research proposal. In addition, (7) students will familiarize themselves with journals and past research in their specific area of interest. Students will practice making a draft research proposal, either on the basis of the research topic that they submitted for acceptance into the PhD program, or on some other topic of interest.