Globalization and Public Policy

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Course Objectives

This course is to study the backgrounds, the current developments, and the future trends of selective politico-economic and politico-security issues in the Asia-Pacific region. Please note that this is not a course of development study. This is a course to provide an overview of the Asia-Pacific region.

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Public Policy and International Relations:
  • Globalization and Global Governance: Concepts and Theories
  • Global Government Networks
  • NGOs and Transnational Advocacy Networks
  • Globalization and Public Sector Reform
  • Policy Diffusion and Transfer
  • Transnational Policy Learning and Cooperation
  • Mid-term Consultation
  • Epistemic Communities and Policy Process
  • Think Tanks and International Policy transfers
  • Sub-state Cross-border Cooperation
  • International Organizations: UN system
  • International Organizations: Asia Pacific
  • Student Presentation
  • Student Presentation and Final Papers Due