Contemporary Issues on International Financial Markets

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Course Objectives

This course welcomes both local and international students from senior to graduate level. The course will start the introduction on basic finance, appraisal/valuation strategy, government policy tools (e.g., monetary policy, fiscal policy, etc.) and international financial markets, to the investment decision making on various tools, as well as the stock markets, real estate markets and international financial crises. Investment objects, including real estate, stock, bond, currencies, gold, real estate investment trust (REIT) and derivatives (e.g., futures and options), will be thoroughly discussed and compared internationally. Students will be required to give a presentation alone, regarding the international financial markets, investment reports or academic papers. Students will also need to work as an investment or consultant team, showing why they evaluate the financial policies globally, or how they make the investment decision. It is expected that every student will be able to make

Independent investment decision or financial critique after receiving the training from this course, or even become the expert/consultant/policy maker in the investment firm or government sector. Professor Calvin Lin will also show how he made forecast correctly according to the financial indicators and the related policies. He will also show his own experience in investment and demonstrate the real-time investment practice in class. His record was 100% rate of return— in three months. Specific topics of this course are listed as follows.

Course Contents

1.The Economists
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