(0418 UPDATE) IDAS 2019 domestic student admission announcement

政治大學社會科學院 亞太研究英語博士學位學程 108學年度入學口試流程暨注意事項 一、日期:108年04月19日(星期五) 二、報到時間:早上9:00~9:30 三、口試時間:早上9:30 (提醒: 敬請提早10分鐘抵達完成報到) 四、報到地點:綜合院館 北棟12樓271215 五、口試當天請於早上9:30前完成報到。 六、口試順序由本學程安排。尚未輪到口試者,請在指定地點等候。 七、面試方式: 每次一位考生應試,每位考生以10分鐘為原則。 依考生准考證號碼排定面試順序。   系組:亞太研究英語博士學位學程 序 准考證號碼 姓名Name 口試時間 報到時間:早上9:00~9:30 9:00~9:30 考生至休息室預備口試 1 22310001 郭○宇 09:30-09:40 2 22310002 張○瑍 09:45-09:55 3 22310003 陳○妙 10:00-10:10 4 22310004 宋○和 10:15-10:25   注意事項 Notifications: 於口試當天請攜帶附照片之身分證件及繳費收據正本。 請準時應試,未到者以棄權論。 口試請遵守考場秩序,勿大聲喧嘩。凡攜帶錄音錄影器材進入考場者,以作弊論。 符合口試資格之考生未依上述方式辦理,導致延誤口試時間,口試成績以零分計算,考生不得異議,亦不得要求補考。

International Programs Student Outing

On Saturday, July 23rd the international programs (IDAS, IMAS, and IMES) of the College of Social Sciences of NCCU went to Keelung in a fun-filled year-end outing. As graduation was approaching for many of the current students, and as an easy way to relax after final exams, the staff of the I-programs diligently planned an […]

Graduation Ceremony: IDAS Student Interview

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]n June 15th, the College of Social Science Newsletter sat down with Jonathan Spangler (United States), who recently graduated with an academic achievement award from the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS). During the interview with the CSS Newsletter, he mused about his time in the program, gave some practical advice on how to […]

Graduation Ceremony: IMES Student Interview

[alaya_dropcap]T[/alaya_dropcap]he College of Social Sciences was quite excited to interview Sergio Langarica (Mexico) and Mariia Morozova (Russia) from the IMES program, where they both recently graduated from in June. Mariia and Sergio’s opinions strike differences in their plans, however, their training in the IMES program has put them in the path to great personal and […]

NCCU College of Social Sciences Graduation Day

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]ne couldn’t ask for better weather for a graduation ceremony for National Chengchi University’s College of Social Sciences. With a warm sun, puffy white clouds, and a gentle breeze, the graduation ceremony and weather strongly favored CSS’s latest graduating class. The ceremony was held on the 3rd floor of NCCU’s General Building of Colleges with […]

Graduation Ceremony: IMAS Student Interview

[alaya_dropcap]A[/alaya_dropcap]fter all the excitement of graduation day finally subsided, the College of Social Science was happy to interview two students from the International Master’s in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS) program about their thoughts and time here at NCCU. Tomas Königs (The Netherlands) and Tyler Prochazka (United States) were kind enough to take time out of their […]

Monthly dinners between undergraduates and graduates creates a successful model for cultural exchange

[alaya_dropcap]I[/alaya_dropcap]n May students from National Chengchi University’s Bo-ya Residency College held their second dinner with students from the College of Social Sciences’ international programs in Asia-Pacific Studies. Students from the Master’s level program (IMAS) joined returning Doctoral students from the IDAS program. The monthly events were designed by the headmasters of the Bo-ya Residency College […]

PhD Student Attends Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage

One PhD Student from CSS’ IDAS program attends the Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage to understand Taiwanese culture [alaya_dropcap]J[/alaya_dropcap]ames Morris is a PhD student in the College of Social Sciences’ International Doctorate in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) program. He recently participated in the first leg of Taiwan’s Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage, a nine day trek from Dajia District’s Zhenlan […]