College of Social Sciences’ David Holm talks social responsibility and helping migrant schoolchildren learn Mandarin

[alaya_dropcap]T[/alaya_dropcap]he College of Social Sciences hosted its first workshop on university social responsibility. The theme was to provide an action plan for local students from Vietnam who are at risk of falling through the social cracks in a Mandarin-speaking society. The day-long program was the result of the CSS and departmental coordination. That morning the […]

College of Social Science’s Happy Hour – 1st of June

[alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]nce again, the faculty of the College of Social Sciences had the honor to welcome professors from different departments to its regular Happy Hour event inside the faculty lounge. Professor Wang Shinn-Shyr (王信實), Director of the IMES Program opened the evening and welcomed the first speaker, Professor Kao Ya-Ning (高雅寧). Professor Kao is an assistant […]

Human Security and Governance in Myanmar— Brendan Howe

[alaya_dropcap]P[/alaya_dropcap]rofessor Brendan Howe from EWHA Women’s University, Seoul was at the Institute of International Relations (IIR), NCCU recently to speak about the Human Security and Governance in Myanmar. His paper was being commented by Associate Professor Herman J. Kraft, Associate Professor, University of Philippines and Associate Professor Christian Schafferer from Overseas Chinese University. The session […]

Youth Political Participation & Socialization: Comparing Taiwan & Iran

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Fellow, Afsaneh Seifinaji, discusses her research on youth political participation and socialization in Taiwan and Iran [alaya_dropcap]O[/alaya_dropcap]n May 31, 2018, the College of Social Sciences (CSS) and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) welcomed Afsaneh Seifinaji to present her current research project to faculty and students of NCCU. Seifinaji is a […]